“A multi sensory enrichment develops all of the cortex.”

- Marian C. Diamond, PhD, neuroanatomist at University of California, Berkley

Our goal is to guide the IC Champs into being successful adults. We offer a learning environment that is developmentally appropriate, safe, fun and fascinating. The more they learn, the more they’ll be open to learning. Plus, they will love being here, as this will be a great outlet for them to expend their energies!

What they will learn?

In the structured one hour class that focuses on improving listening skills, co-ordination, base and basic motor skills, they also are immersed in an environment of camaraderie, self-enhancement, focus and control.

Bully-proofing your child

“Almost 1/3rd of student in Ontario experience bullying at school, and one quarter report having bullied someone else.” – CAMH, 2009

Children with a good sense of empathy, strong character and self-confidence simply do not bully, nor are they good targets for bullying. We believe that every person is bullied at some point in their lives, and is not restricted to a particular age group. Confronting the issues by increasing awareness and respect will reduce the impacts of peer pressure, and bullying later on in their lives.

-> Inappropriate behaviour will ALWAYS be addressed in a gentle and honest manner.

Here is one of many online resources that is offered to help bully-proof your kids (http://www.bullyingcanada.ca/index.php)

IC Champ of the Month

“It’s not about telling them they’re smart, it’s about showing them they are.”

In addition to being rewarded with periodic grading promotions, the Champs are self-motivated to giving their best efforts in every class. Your child is rewarded for their effort to show them they can control their success in life.

Grading Incentives:

– Prof Shah Franco has created an incredibly comprehensive traditional mma belt grading system designed specifically for this age group to give constant reward that will take them well on their way towards their journey of becoming an adult black belt.

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